Are You A Prude?

A Prude by definition is – “a person who is described as (or would describe themselves as) being concerned with decorum or propriety, significantly in excess of normal prevailing standards. They may be perceived as being more uncomfortable than most with sexuality or nudity.” (Wikipedia) This begs the question, Are you a tad uptight about sex , similar to what you’d see on websites such as or are you totally uninhibited? If someone talks dirty, do you have a sudden urge to wash his or her mouth out with soap? Get down to the naked truth with this quick and simple prude quiz.

  1. Have you ever had an orgasm?
  2. Are you uncomfortable talking about sex?
  3. Do you judge others when they talk about sex?
  4. Do you try to make others feels ashamed or guilty about their sex lives?
  5. Do you feel sexually repressed?
  6. Your spouse wants you to wear a foxy leather bondage outfit to spice up your sex life. You can click here to see an example. Would you agree to wear it?
  7. The first time you bring your new boyfriend/girlfriend to your parent’s for dinner, s/he starts fondling you under the table. Do you make him/her stop?
  8. Have you ever taken a nude photo of yourself?
  9. The thought of “69” with makes you want to vomit.
  10. You cringe at the thought of using a sex toy.
  11. Looking at yourself naked in the mirror makes you uneasy.

Tally the number of yes’s and no’s you have to the above questions.

More than 6 No’s – “You May Be A Prude” If you answered “No” to more than 6 of these questions perhaps its time to evaluate your sexuality. Maybe its time to check the Best site to jerk yourself silly – so you can explore your sexuality more. Nothing is wrong with being sexual or having sexual thoughts you just have to be knowledgeable so that you can become comfortable.

More than 6 Yes’s – “You’re a Sexually Comfortable Spirit” If you answered “Yes” to more than 6 of these questions you seem to be good to go! You are not scared of the word “vagina and penis” being said out loud and welcome a good sex convo amongst friends because perhaps you can learn a thing or to. You are probably pretty comfortable visiting websites like tubevideoshd and talking about what you see too. Keep up the good work!

For more information on getting in touch with your sexual side, check out for great tips and tricks to become more comfortable with your sexuality.

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