ANN’S Wedding Planning Timeline

Every month, I will be sharing the steps I followed when planning my own wedding. Married ladies…feel free to share some tips of what you were doing during this time to help our newly engaged ladies as much as we can!

12 – 16 Months before the Wedding:

  • Create a wedding file. This can be as simple as getting a manila folder and putting everything in there, from venue brochures to clippings of favorite wedding dress designs. You can also use Pinterest boards as a way to help you organize your ideas.
  • Select a wedding date: This is SUPER important because it will allow you to reserve a venue and decide the type of wedding you want to have (i.e., summer wedding or a beautiful fall shindig).
  • Decide whether to hire a wedding consultant: Wedding planning is super complicated and requires a lot of attention to detail. Decide now whether you have the time and the patience to do all the planning yourself. If not, research some good wedding consultant options in the area you intend to get married in (most likely, the consultant will have connections in their own neck of the woods). This option can be a bit pricey, so make sure to shop around for the best price, but also the best value…get references!
  • Decide on wedding budget: I purposely put this towards the bottom of the list because most often it is the price that dictates a lot in the planning stages. The average wedding costs $25,000 according to and various other sources. If I can offer any advice, try not to let budget concerns get in the way of your big day. Discuss the budget with all parties involved (future hubby, Mom, and Dad) and just be reasonable about letting your budget match your expectations.
  • Select a wedding and reception site. Make sure to visit several places and try and book a place that has package deals, like built-in catering, lighting, and decorating options. It never hurts to bundle!
  • Send out engagement announcement. This should be pretty easy and fun. I did not put my announcement in the newspaper because I’m a private person, but you can definitely go that route. Or, you could just call and tell the people you love (family and friends) that you’re tying the knot.
  • Finally, the fun part…start shopping for wedding dresses!!!!!! You would think this part of the process is fun, but wait until you realize some places won’t let you take pictures of the dress or that the specific style you want is about $3,000 over your budget. You will start to realize pretty quickly that dress shopping is not all it’s cracked up to be.

 Happy planning…stay tuned for more tips!

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