AHS: Top 5 WTF Moments

Warning! Spoilers ahead for January 8th episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” titled “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks.


1. Stevie Nicks and Misty Get Their Twirl On!

2. No Soul to Sell!

Fiona’s cancer is spreading rapidly thanks to the new Supreme’s powers growing. She tried to make a deal with Papa Legba (aka The Devil)…alas she has no soul to sell, so there’s no deal to be made! Sorry FiFi…the world’s a sadder place without ya!

3.  Misty Twirls Herself to the Afterlife…Well, Maybe!

Madison, convinced that Misty is the next Supreme (like everyone else), whacks Misty…literally! She hits her over the head with a brick and puts her in a coffin to be entombed. 

4. Death by Bleaching!

Nan is not as nice as we all thought! After finding out that Luke was killed by Mommie Dearest (Joan), she mind controls Joan into killing herself by swallowing bleach. #NANDONTPLAY!

5. RIP NAN! 

Fiona is now killing everyone who could be the next Supreme and Nan lands herself on the hot seat! Marie requiring an innocent soul for Papa Legba + Fiona trying to snuff out the next Supreme = Nan biting the dust!


 Stay tuned for next week’s AHS recap!

Images: FX

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