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Finding a facial cleanser and moisturizer that’s not too harsh for my skin has always been a challenge for me. I have tried several brands, but it’s hard to find something that works for my combination skin. The closest I’ve come to having completely clear skin was after my 30-day trial of Proactive, which damn near burnt off the top layer of my face! The reason I didn’t have any acne was because my face was healing from my burns.

I stumbled upon the AHAVA skin care brand on Blue Mercury’s website. I was just looking for a middle of the road cleanser that worked and didn’t burn my skin. So, when AHAVA popped up, I was intrigued.  I have been using the AHAVA Rich Cleansing Gel ($22) and AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer for Combination Skin ($39.50) for about three months now and it has made my skin softer, shinier (not in that bad way), and clearer. I only use AHAVA once a day and it has definitely helped my skin a bunch.

I am not sure how many of you ladies out there have struggled to find a facial regime that actually works…so this is mine. I hope it works for you as much as it has for me.

Do you have a favorite skin cleanser or moisturizer? Feel free to share it in the comment section!




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  • Each woman has different type of skin. If ever found a product that not suits the skin, it will create irritation. That is why it needs to consult with a skin specialist so that right treatment and right product will make the skin brighter and healthy.

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