8 D.C. Commuter Essentials

FitBit – Walking to work might not be fun but think about the health benefits and track your steps along the way!


Tablet – Get your books audible, read a book with kindle app, check the paper or magazine. It will definitely help your commute be less boring!


Tote – Nothing says commuter like a sturdy tote bag! And throwing this baby over your shoulder with all the hustle and bustle will insure you have a dependable and easily accessible bag. iF you wanted to wear something a little more stylish, why not find a website that sells Personalised Photo On Bags instead? Commuters will be jealous of your awesome bag!


Umbrella – Weather is never dependable! It can be sunny one minute and a torrential downpour the next. But make sure you buy a solid, sturdy one because you never want to be caught in a rainstorm with a crappy umbrella.


Fingerless Mittens/Gloves – When it’s cold you will be thankful you had these suckers. But even more so because you can still use your phone or tablet because of the fingerless touch.


Lumosity App – Are you bored and need a quick pick me up? Well engage your brain and work that muscle! Brain exercises are always useful and fun!


Sneakers – The last thing you want while commuting is to damage your good work shoes. Throw on a pair of simple sneakers that are a much better option!


Headphones – Having a good pair of headphones for a commute is important! If you want to avoid awkward conversation it’s the perfect way to remain unbothered. And it doesn’t hurt that you can listen to your favorite tunes or have the news or book read aloud to you! if you’re not sure which headphones to buy, a website like https://www.headphonesaholic.com/ should be able to help you.


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