7 Signs You Have A Bad Weave

With the increasing popularity of weaves, one thing I hate to see on any woman is a bad one! That being said, I will be the first to admit that Ann and I have been dabbling in the weave world for a year or so now and have learned A LOT in the process! For one thing, all weaves are NOT created equal and there are  two key elements when it comes to sporting a weave: 1. your stylist/installation tech. and 2. the quality of the weave or hair you are using. But for a quick picture of things check out the list below to see if you might be a victim of a bad weave. (Trust me, I have been there and its not cute!)

 7 Signs You Have A Bad Weave
 1. Your hair is too tight, even three days after having your hair done.
2. Your weave looks like a wig. (huge red flag)
3. Your weave tracks are showing or are very loose.
4. Your weave looks too big/thick and more like you have on a hair helmet.
5. You have a cone head, and your natural hair doesn’t match your selected weave texture.
6. Your hair is shedding like there is no tomorrow.
7. Your hair is so matted it could be mistaken for a birds nest before or after washing it.
So ladies, if this is you or a girlfriend of yours, you need to remedy this situation ASAP! There are too many resources available when it comes to weave for you to end up with a bad one. Check YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook or ask a girlfriend whose hair is always together. She is bound to know someone who knows someone. And don’t be embarrassed either, just consider it a learning experience because you really don’t know how something should be until you get there!! Good Luck Ladies!
Image: College Candy
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