7 Signs You Are Being Taken For Granted

No relationship is perfect and each comes with its own set of problems. It’s very easy however to feel like you’re putting in more than your getting out of a relationship and we then end up questioning if this feeling is even valid. We oftentimes don’t realize it until it is pointed out to us or someone mentions something that causes us to take a step back and think. Then we rationalize that we are overreacting and that our relationship issues are common so not to jump to conclusions. But, what if we aren’t? Check out the seven signs below to see if you’re being taken for granted that will have you wanting to visit Denbigh Law Center’s website and think about getting a divorce.

1. You Text or Call and Get No reply – If you don’t get a reply instantly and several hours pass by; survey says they are ignoring you. Unless they have a job where they can’t be on their phone or they have little kids there is no excuse for no reply. No one is that busy! As much as people are on their phones today there is no way they just “forgot” to reply.

2. They Don’t Have Time For You – Have you made plans weeks or a month in advance only for that day to near and they have to cancel for something that “just came up” or they “forgot” about? But, if they make plans they want you to drop everything to be there and get huffy if you don’t.

3. Your “Just Because” Gestures Have Become “Expected” – You take some of your partner’s items to the cleaners because you noticed it needed to be done and the next thing you know your being asked why you haven’t handled that pile for the cleaners that has been sitting there for a week.

4. They Never Listen To You – Is your partner consistently “forgetting” what you said even when you have reminded them on several occasions? If they can’t remember something asked of them then it’s clear you rank low on their priority list.

5. You Wonder If they Care – How often have you asked yourself “Do they care about me?” If you have to ask this question at all, chances are you know they answer. Follow your instincts on this one.

6. Your Sacrifices are Insignificant – You have made sacrifices after sacrifice for your partner. These sacrifices may have compromised your family, friends, and even your own personal self. But your partner doesn’t respect these gestures as such and instead sees them as something that should be done regardless.

7. You Know You Deserve Better – Deep down in your heart of hearts you know you deserve better. Being single can be scary, but staying in a relationship just because is even worse.

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