7 New Year To-Do’s for the Working Girl

Hopefully these quick and easy tips will help you in the New Year. If you think I’ve missed something, comment below and let me know!

1. Update Your Resume

Do you still have that old college job on your resume where you stocked the bookshelves of the library? Perhaps you changed jobs or maybe you have some tasks/projects that you worked on last year and really made some huge improvements for your company. Or maybe you’re still unsure how to update the look and feel of your resume? Thankfully you can use some downloadable resume examples by industry members to help there, but as for the rest you need to update your resume so that you’re giving employers the best of what you can do.

2. Refresh Job Search Engines

Are you in the market for a new job, but still have those old searches setup? If so, you need to change them. Why receive email blasts for entry-level positions when now you’re looking for something in the managerial field? You’d be much better off looking for jobs you’re qualified for on a good job search site where you can progress your career instead of staying in the same place.

3. Write Down Your Goals for Job in New Year

How will you know what you want out of your job if you haven’t made a goal to attain it? Think about what you want for the New Year job wise. Do you want a promotion? Do you think you should have a raise? Is there a position outside of your current job you are interested in? If so, make a list so that you know what you’re working toward.

4. Talk to Your Boss About Your Goals

So you have them written down but if you don’t express your plans to your Boss how will they know the effort you’re putting in? This will also allow them to possibly help you find opportunities in which you can accomplish your goals because you have put a bug in their ear.

5. Freshen Up Your Work Wardrobe

I’m sure you have a pair of works shoes or work pants that are so worn down you wouldn’t dare wear them out with your girlfriends. So why are you wearing them to work? Go through your closet and toss out those old items that you have worn time and time again and pick up a few new pieces. This not only spruce up your work gear, but will also make you feel good to have some nice new pieces.

6. De-Clutter Your Work Space

Nothing is worse than having a messy work area. You may still have some items lingering from the holidays as well whether its gifts from coworkers or holiday treats that people made. Either way, do a New Year de-clutter and get rid of all that old paperwork and miscellaneous items from last year so you can start the year right! If you want to sell some items that you know you’ll get money for, then list them on sites alike to LeoList or sell them in a yard sale. While you’re at it, de-cluttering your home could be something worth doing too. I know it does sound time consuming, but think about all the space you can free up when you get rid of the things you don’t need. With facilities such as Holloway storage units available, there shouldn’t be any reasons as to why the majority of things cannot be put into storage, until you are ready to look through it all.

7. Archive/Delete Old/Unnecessary Emails

I know I’m guilty of it but I’m not good at deleting emails. When I go and try to send an email it tells me that my mailbox is full, and until I delete some emails I can’t send any. So, go through your emails from the previous year and try to delete or archive what you don’t need. I’d suggest starting with the Large Mail folder first to see what’s taking up the most space and then go from there. A good rule of thumb is to keep the last 6 months of mails in your inbox just in case you need an old expense report number or something.

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