7 Days of Sex

While the thought of 7 days of sex has its appeal, it also sounds exhausting, lol. My husband and I are very busy people so it’s easy for sex to take the back burner. Then one day, I saw this show on Lifetime called “7 Days of Sex” that conducted a study on couples to see if their life would be improved by having sex every day for a week. The show featured a couple with 2 small kids, where the dad worked all day and the mom stayed at home with the kids, and a couple sleeping in different rooms on the verge of divorce. It really got me thinking about this idea. At the end of the 7 days of Sex Challenge, the couples made a vow to each other to be better in all aspects of their relationship and truly seemed happier as a result. So, I think I’m gonna give it a try! What do I have to lose besides some sleep? Just in case you’re interested in joining me, check out my “7 Days of Sex Challenge” for tips on how to keep things fun! I’ll keep ya posted on my progress and ANN will join in on the fun as well!

7 Days of Sex Challenge:

Sunday–Toy Day: Pick out your favorite bedroom kandi from Kandi’s collection.

Monday–Role Play: Break out that French maid outfit or show up in a trench coat with nothing on.

Tuesday –Different Location: Take it outside the bedroom, perhaps the kitchen or car?

Wednesday–New Position: Open up that Kama Sutra book and get your Chi on.

Thursday–Throwback Thursday: Put together some college hits or old school jams.

Friday–Keep it Simple: Back to basics…with such a full week, you might need something easy.

Saturday–Games: Get playful with sex dice or cards.

Let me know if you took the challenge!

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