7 Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been consumed and used for medicine and healing for thousands of years. Due to its processing, green tea has more healing benefits than its black tea counterparts. As a result it retains a high amount of antioxidants and compounds that give green tea its many benefits. Green tea is just one herbal tea that we hear a lot about when it comes to its benefits to out health. With this being said, if you’re interested in finding out about a range of other herbal teas and their benefits, it may be worth checking out sites like https://www.dherbs.com/store/teas-c-37.html for more information.

Below are just a few of the many benefits of green tea but feel free to research more on your own. 

  1. Weight Loss – Green tea increases the metabolism which helps the body burn fat faster.
  2. Blood Pressure – Drinking green tea regularly has been known to decrease the risk of high blood pressure.
  3. Skin Care – Green tea helps with wrinkles, signs of aging, and reduces sun damage.
  4. Diabetes – Green tea can regulate glucose levels which prevent insulin spikes.
  5. Decreases Cancer Risk – Green tea has been known to reduce the risk of Breast, Prostate, and Colorectal cancel because of the antioxidant make up of green tea that guards against cancer.
  6. Cardiovascular Health – Green tea aids in lower cholesterol and triglycerides which increased the antioxidant capability of the blood.
  7. Lowers Risk of Infection – The catechins in green tea kill bacteria and can deter viruses like influenza and decrease the risk of infections while also improving dental health.

Image: Fitness and Health Advisor

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