5 Ways to Fly For Free

If you love to travel than you’re probably familiar with a lot of ways you can save money while doing it. From getting the Platinum AMEX card to being more flexible with your times, there’s loads of ways you can save a bit of cash when buying plane tickets. But the one thing you always hate about airfare is the prices! Wouldn’t it be great to purchase a plane ticket without any out of pocket costs? Well there is!! Check out these 5 tips and learn how!

  1. Join A Frequent Flyer Program – The frequent flyer industry has increased significantly in the last few years and if you travel a lot you should most definitely belong to a program. If you fly for business a lot, consider American Airlines AAdvantage, United MileagePlus or Delta SkyMiles so when you’re ready to book a personal trip you will have miles stocked up to pay off your vacation airfare. Membership can also mean discounts for car rentals, hotels, restaurants and more.
  2. Travel, Hotel, Airline Rewards – If you’re not a frequent flyer you can use credit cards with rewards points to transfer your favorite frequent flyer program or buy the ticket outright. If you want to learn more about the different rewards you could get by using a credit card, visit https://www.onlinefigure.com/credit-card-rewards/. With credit cards you can accumulate miles or points through shopping online or at stores. These miles or points can then translate into other rewards. If you’ve never had a credit card before then you might not be able to get a card with all these rewards on. Take a look at getting a credit card for no credit history first, then, when you have a better score, you’ll be able to get a card with a higher limit and more rewards.
  3. Volunteer to Take a Later Flight – When flights are overbooked, airline reps will announce that if you are willing to take a later flight you will receive a future flight voucher. The great thing about the voucher is that oftentimes it is worth more than the price you paid for your original ticket.
  4. Make a Formal Complaint – No business is perfect, and airline companies cannot control the weather, but they do control the level of customer service they provide. If you have received unsatisfactory service or feel as though you have been wronged due to a service failure, inexperienced or rude staff etc. then report these issues to the airline. Remember to do so in a professional and polite manner while expressing that their lack of attention to detail or care for loyal customers is unacceptable and makes you want to take your business elsewhere where you are more appreciated.
  5. Promotions – Oftentimes, airlines will have booths set up at the airport offering special deals, promotions, or gift cards for free airfare. This can be in the form of a credit card they offer or as simple as filling out a quick survey. You should check a site like SoFi to see if you can afford the interest, but either way, take advantage if it makes sense for you! Always ask about the parameters of the promotion and when you can use it and if it applies to only domestic tickets etc. If you have a tablet or smart phone compare the promotion offered at the airport to the promotion offered online. Sometimes the promotion online might offer double the bonus than the one offered at the airport.

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