5 Valentine’s Day Survival Tips for the Single Girl

It’s that time of year again when pink and red wrapped candies and gifts hit the shelves. Pink and red roses can be found in abundance on every street corner and in every aisle at grocery stores and you can’t help but look around and wonder what you’re supposed to do because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and you have no Valentine. With that being said, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

As depressing as you feel this might be… it’s not! Don’t let the fact that your single and your equal hasn’t found you yet get you down! Instead, take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to spend boatloads of money on a gift that you’re not sure he/she will like. Find solace in not stressing over a nice dress or outfit to wear for your night out. And be thankful that you don’t have to skip over to Victoria’s Secret to buy some lingerie that won’t stay on much longer than 3 minutes anyway! Instead, consider a few of these options if you are going to be a single gal for Valentine’s Day:

Treat Yourself – Who knows what you like better than you? So treat yourself to something special. Perhaps it’s that Cole Haan bag you’ve had your eye on, or perhaps a statement Tiffany & Co. piece. Maybe you’ve been desperate to get to the Luxe Body Spa for some treatments and a pamper. Either way, you deserve it so just do it!

V-Day Girls Night – Surely, you have some gal pals who are also in the same boat as you, so what better way to stick together than having a girl’s night. Perhaps you pull a Sex in The City and get gussied up and treat yourselves to a nice dinner and night on the town. Or you can have a quiet night at home and watch a bunch of chick flicks over wine, cheese, and chocolate! I mean, if I’d recently improved the sound quality of my sound system with the help of professionals like Crestron dealership, then a night in watching my favorite movies would sound like the best idea ever! Any movie with Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth should do!

Party At Your Place – For those of you caught up in “Singles Awareness Day”, why not have a Single’s Only Party! What better way to find a potential mate over wine, hour’derves, great convo, and good times. And if you don’t fancy too much company, perhaps you could look into seeing what escorts are available for the night. We hear that the best escort Paris offers is exceptional so you might also be able to find someone out of this world near you.

Ask Him Out – Is there someone you have had your eye on, but you just haven’t made that move to take things to the next level? Well stop waiting and ask him out! Even if you approach things from a platonic level (which decreases the pressure on both ends) at least it will have afforded you the chance to hang out with him on a one-on-one basis and see if he’s worth the crushing!

Secret Valentine – Organize a secret valentine a la Secret Santa! Get a group of your friends together, draw names, and then deliver whatever Valentine items to your “valentine.” Options are limitless, you can go the flowers and chocolate route, or since we are older girls perhaps a gift card to Starbucks, a Michael Kors wristlet, or a gift certificate for a mani or Pedi. Something thoughtful is always appreciated.

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