5 Useless Kitchen Gadgets

We all have something in our kitchen that we thought we wanted and now is just taking up space on our counter top. If this is you and you have any of the below items, go ahead and throw them in your yearly “donation” pile and write it off on next year’s taxes. 

George Foreman Grill – As cool as it seems to watch the grease drip off of your meat drip into the little tray, save your money, time and counter space and use the pans in your kitchen!

george foreman

Blender – Why have a blender when you can use a Vitamix or Nutribullet, which in all actuality is all you need! Both of these tools do it all, so scrap the Kitchen Aid blender and get yourself a true all in one!


Egg Separator – There are plenty of ways to separate egg from yolk and none of them deems this gadget necessary.


Fry Daddy – Unless you’re a KFC or Popeye’s fanatic, you don’t need it! Ask yourself the last time you even fried anything. It’s 2014, if I want to clog my arteries I’ll do it the old fashion way and eat a stick of margarine.


Any “Makers” Cake-pop, Pancake, Grilled Cheese – With all the “makers” in the world why have a gadget that takes up space and ultimately lengthens the process in the first place.

cakepop pancake grilledcheese

Image: Amazon

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