5 Tips for Attacking The Dreaded Seating Arrangement

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, you know there’s a lot that goes into making this day a success. From the caterers to the reception arrangements, no detail can be overlooked. One of the most challenging parts of the planning process is deciding where to put family and friends to help you celebrate tying the knot. If you’re having your wedding in a public park, you can just use the memorial benchesand picnic tables provided, and let people seat themselves. However, if you’re in an enclosed private venue you will have to decide who to put on each table. It can be tough deciding where to put everyone and you have to plan this knowing not everyone will be happy with where you’ve decided to place them. One of the most frequent concerns or feelings expressed is that the location of a seat and their proximity to the bride and groom somehow directly relates to the type of relationship they have with the happy couple.

To not completely alienate your closest family and friends, here are some tips on how to manage that unruly thing called a seating chart!

  1. Ask the venue where you will have your reception for a blueprint of the table arrangements.
  2. Create a database of family and friends who will attend the wedding. Make sure to identify their relationship to you or your hubby to be. For example – groom’s family, bride’s friend.
  3. Assign each group a color using post-it notes (the flag ones). Color-coding is by far the most organized way to keep track of who will be sitting where. Also consider placing the individual’s name on the post it once you’ve narrowed down where everyone will sit.
  4. Time for the hard part! Decide how much these folks mean to you! This will determine the location of their table. Obviously family from both sides will be closer to the wedding party and prominently located. That leaves extended family, friends, and coworkers to contend with. Try and avoid feeling guilty if one of your good friends somehow lands at a table far in the back. It’s your day, any real friend will be happy to share in the celebration and not worry about where they’re located.
  5. Make it official! Once you decide who is sitting where, pencil in their names on the seating arrangement blueprint provided by the venue and voila!

Use these tips to map out your seating arrangements and easily scratch this task off your ever-building to-do list!

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