5 Things You must do at Martha’s Vineyard

Are you thinking about visiting Martha’s Vineyard? Well, the hubs and I just got back and loved it there! So it only seemed right that I put together a short list of things for potential visitors to do. And even if you’re only in town for the day (like we were) you will have more than enough time to fit in these 5 must-see/do things on your trip!

Rent a Moped/Scooter/Bike – Martha’s Vineyard is 100 miles of island and if you want to get around your best bet is to rent a moped/scooter/bike so that you are not wearing down the soles of your shoes. There is nothing like feeling the wind on your face and riding around the beautiful island through the different towns. This was definitely a highlight for the hubs and I as we only had 6 hrs on the island before we needed to catch the ferry back home.


Gingerbread Cottages – Built in the mid -1800s these little homes were once occupied by members of the Oak Bluffs community and are a popular vineyard attraction. They look like something out of a children’s fairytale as they are brightly colored and in all different styles shapes and sizes. Each home has its own name and unique décor and at night, the neighborhood lights up as if in a fantastical wonderland.


Island Alpaca Farm – I know what you are thinking “Al-What on Martha’s Vineyard?” That’s right! An Alpaca farm and it was cool! They have about 80 Alpaca on the farm currently and you can visit the herd daily and learn about how they live, breed, and are shaved down for their unique wool that is turned into a multitude of things like coats, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, and more. This is a great place for kids of adults and when the hubs and I went, we loved it! And, if you really interested you can buy one for only $500! For more information, check it out Island Alpaca here!


Edgartown Lighthouse – Not far from town the Edgartown Lighthouse sits right on the harbor of this little town. It is historic piece that offers a glimpse at the history of coastal life on the Vineyard. It is open to the public from late May until early October and tours are available for a $5 per person fee with children being free. The other great thing about this lighthouse is on your way to see it you will see a multitude of beautiful coastal homes that have been around for ages and still are home for people of the vineyard. For more information, click here http://mvmuseum.org/edgartown.php .


South Beach – South Beach is one of the most pristine places on Martha’s Vineyard and is a must see. The sand is so clean it looks virtually untouched and hosts a protected salt pond that helps add to its timeless flair.


Image: Soft As A Grape MV, Upper Cape and Vineyard, Tickets MV, Openherd, The Harborside Inn, Islandhoppersmv

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