5 Things I wish I knew before I started a Blog

As ANNJANELIVING has reached its 6 months live mark, I started thinking about all of the things that I have learned while blogging. As time goes on, I have moments regularly where I think, “…that would have been nice to know at the beginning”. However, it also made me think; why not share some of these things with people who might be considering a blog of their own. See below.

  1. It’s Addictive – I can literally Blog all day. Whether its researching post material, working on blog series ideas, or trying to figure out what type of material our readers would like to read. I literally wake up out of my sleep to type up ideas and thoughts for the blog all the time. Luckily, my husband is very understanding, but it is definitely something that I have to remember to take a break from.
  2. Blogging Costs – Having blogged a little before starting ANNJANELIVING I had an idea of what blogging was like but it was on a more personal level. With ANNJANELIVING reaching for greater heights and attracting global readership, that type of outreach costs. From purchasing your own domain, custom code development, giveaways, social media marketing and more, the cost of running blog adds up. There are many aspects to blogging that is essential for you to begin, like finding the right web hosting service through a site like https://www.hostiserver.com/. You’ll need this to launch your blog, plus it is an investment to boost your productivity. Looking into it, the cost of initially starting up a blog is not that extreme.
  3. Social Media Matters – I thought I was social media savvy before having a blog. But being BLOG Social has a totally different meaning! Getting out there on different social media networks and trying to figure out which one works for you is tough! Then on top of that I have been on Facebook since 2010. And I thought”… no biggie I know how to use Facebook, so this will be a piece of cake!” WRONG! Using Facebook as a business’s entity is totally different from personal use and I often wonder if people even see the things we post.
  4. It’s Time Consuming – Ann and I literally work on our blog every day, as in 7 days a week. We post to the blog daily, make sure that all of our social media networks have postage, we monitor our analytics, work on outreach/engagement opportunities and more! It’s truly a never ending story.
  5. It’s Hard – I love ANNJANELIVING. It’s my baby. But, nothing about it is easy. Sometimes I want to slit my wrists over the trouble it gives me. lol You update a plugin and then that causes a picture on a post to not show up. Or you search for a widget to do something which seems simple for hours! I have spent many a Saturday/Sunday looking for and trying a billion widgets to do one thing. Then the time that I spend trying to craft interesting (or what I think is interesting) posts can be so frustrating.

Overall, while blogging is not easy I just make sure to keep in mind the goals I have set forth for ANNJANELIVING and keep on pushing on.

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