5 Signs You’re Struggling with Your Inner Fat Girl

Is this you…

  1. You only post head shots because you don’t think your body shots are cute.
  2. You’re often pictured with food, are talking about food or most of the pics you post are of food.
  3. You overemphasize one feature and exclude the other. I.e. I love my lips they are so luscious. (What about the rest of you?)
  4. You know what you will eat for every meal on any given day.
  5. When someone asks you “how was the gym?” you lie and give a much lengthier story than normal about the class you “took” or what intense workouts you did.

If this is you, STOP! Never feel guilty or ashamed about the way you look or what you eat. It’s hard enough in this world to accept oneself with the constant reminders of how fabulous other people’s lives or bodies are but remember that you’re NOT alone! If you want to make a change, then JUST DO IT! And remember it will only happen when you ready! In the meantime, stop being so hard on yourself and learn to love all of you.

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