5 Parenting Rules You Should Break Immediately

From the time people find out your pregnant, they start offering all types of advice, parenting rules you should follow, and it does not end once baby arrives. Then we make it worse on ourselves by trying to Google the do’s and don’ts of parenthood. While there is no perfect formula, there are few parenting rules I believe we should all break sooner rather than later. Before becoming a parent, there is a lot of stuff that people don’t tell you and this mainly includes the fact that you are required to buy a lot of stuff to make sure that you are able to look after them to the best of your ability. The same applies, probably even more if you are expecting twins. Not only does it come as a shock to you but you will then need to buy double the amount of everything that you were already required to have. To make life easier, it may be in your best interest to take a look at these 7 Best Car Seat Strollers for Twins 2020 so you have bought two items in one. Following these rules can be stressful, but don’t let them stop you from celebrating this joyous occasion of your life.

  1. You must breastfeed for a year – People will say that if you want a healthy baby then you must breastfeed for a year. After all, breast is best right. While that might be true, one has to be realistic about breastfeeding. Sometimes a woman’s milk does not come in or her milk dries up, or her job does not allow the flexibility for her to pump long enough etc. There can be a multitude of reasons, but I am here to tell you, do not beat yourself up about it. Your baby will be just fine on formula. I know that people try to guilt trip moms about formula but at the end of the day, you must do what is best for you and your child.
  2. Nap when baby naps – This has to be the most over used and worst advice given to moms. It sounds good aloud but it is so unrealistic. When that baby is sleep, you are trying to do laundry, pump, clean the house, or shower. The last thing you are thinking about is rest. As unfortunate as it is, do you boo. There is no point in stressing over it when you are probably stressing about 50 other things already.
  3. Don’t co-sleep with baby – This piece of advice is really a personal choice. I know that the recommendation is not to co-sleep but there are safe ways to co-sleep, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom. We do recommend purchasing a good quality mattress to ensure you get a good nights sleep (when you do get chance), it might be worth reading reviews from sites such as casper vs leesa to find the right one for you. You might be able to get a larger mattress so you are all able to squeeze into your bed if you decide to do so. The last thing you want to do is get up out of bed every 2hrs to feed your baby. What I recommend is looking for safe options to co-sleep like the DockAtot I used for my son and it worked out great.
  4. No TV for Baby – I have heard this from pediatricians and other parents. However, let’s be real, most learning applications today come in the form of some type of technology. If you want to reinforce your child learning colors and shapes, they might tune into Sesame Street or Leap Frog. That does not mean you are a bad parent. My advice would just be to limit the amount of screen time they are receiving. As a note, while a cell phone or tablet is not TV I would not recommend letting your child be on it all the time.
  5. Don’t worry about housework with a baby – This piece of advice sounds good in theory but reality says that once your house is a wreck you will want to scream. While I wouldn’t stress on the cleanliness of your home I’d recommend cleaning up here and there. Focus on one thing at a time i.e. today I will do some laundry and then stop there. Save something for the next day because if you try to clean your whole house every day you will just end up exhausted. Doing it like this will mean that you get a chance to do things at the pace you feel fit and not have the pressure of getting so many things done at once, this includes mattress cleaning, this can be done once in a while, and it can be beneficial to the health of your children too.

If you have some parenting rules that you think I missed or you think we should break let me know in the comments below!

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