5 High Heel Horrors and How To Avoid Them

With high heels being the cornerstone of every woman’s closet, we ALL know that these little beauties come with a price. Yes, we want to be stylish, sexy, and feel confident, but is our foot health worth it? As more women are wearing high heels for longer periods of time the long-term damage they are doing to their feet has increased significantly. Problems that persist range from hammer toes and bunions to irreversible damage like back and leg pain. These problems are typically caused by the increased pressure high heels put on the ball of the foot, and the higher the heel the greater the pressure. While all women want to look stunning in their heels consider the 5 effects of wearing heels, and how to avoid poor high heel health below.

1. Back Pain – Women wearing high heels can incur severe back pain because weight is shifted to the lower back.

Solution – Daily exercise and stretching will aid in working out those muscles and any tightness you experience. You might also want to pay a visit to somewhere like this Springwater Chiropractic and Massage clinic.

2. Poor Posture – High Heels can permanently result in poor/wrong posture as heels make your chest more prominent, forces your shoulders back, makes your hips and butt look more prominent, and forces knees to be bent in a way that makes your hips drive your legs forward. All of this ultimately can give you poor posture and cause you slouch or hunch over when not wearing heels. Back and spinal problems could be a major issue for women who are interested in wearing heels. For instance, if they have a disorder like scoliosis but would like to be confident in their clothes and footwear, it is possible for them to wear heels but they may want to speak with a doctor from somewhere similar to this scoliosis institute for more information before trying to do so.

Solution – Remember to stand upright and be conscious of your posture when wearing heels. Sit up straight and also stand up straight while wearing them and try not to walk long distances in them while doing so.

3. Walking Difficulty – Walking distance while wearing heels is very important and can become very difficult over time. Your balance may be off and you can fall over and hurt yourself as a result.

Solution – Practice makes perfect. I hate seeing a woman who does not know how to walk in heels. Not only is she not doing the shoe justice but she looks foolish in the process. The best thing to do is try to break in any pair of heels before you wear them by walking around the house in them. And if you need further guidance check out YouTube!

4. Foot Pain – While wearing cute shoes comes at a cost how often do you take your shoes off at your desk at work, or at the dinner table while out to a nice meal? A lot! I too am guilty of it and it’s because my feet are probably killing me! Because your body’s entire weight is now concentrated on your foot you feel pain in your joints and bone, and when you think about it your foot is only being supported by a thin, pointy and restrictive area that only encourages foot problems.

Solution – Here are some handy exercises you can do to relieve your foot pain from standing all day. Another thing you can do is get proper Inserts! They really do work. Consider investing in some Dr. Scholl’s inserts as they really do a great job of alleviating the pain and making your high heel much more comfortable for long time wear. Alternatively, make it so when you’re not wearing heels you’re doing all you can to look after your feet, such as investing in a pair of Ecco women’s shoes or something else that can offer foot support, so that when you don the heels nothing else has caused any pain that could put a wince in your step.

5. Corns, Calluses, Bunions Oh My– Because of the pressure put on your feet from wearing high heels the constant rubbing or friction leads to dry skin and causes corns, calluses, and bunions to develop.

Solution – Wear corn pads on the portions of your feet that you might normally form a corn, callus or bunion to protect your feet from these developing further. Also, make sure to keep your feet moisturized as dry skin encourages the development of these ailments.

So to all my high heel-wearing Divas out there…try to only wear heels when your outfit demands! These same feet your prancing around in at 25 you will need at 65 so be kinds to your feet and try to reduce your heel wear.

Image: Medical Daily, Daily Mail

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