5 Decor Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Honing in on ones sense of style when it comes to decor is no easy feat. But what is easy to make is decor mistakes. We are all guilty of it. When I think back to my husband and I’s first home I am reminded that I had no clue what I was doing in the home decor realm but with our current home I have improved by leaps and bounds. The difference is really night and day but knowing what you like when it comes to home decor comes with time and experience. My first home was a test dummy that allowed me to experiment and as I work on making our current house a home I’m still learning as I go. 

Having Bare Walls – We were very guilty of this. It took 3 years before we put anything on our walls in first home. Nothing says home like some art or personal pictures on the walls. Blank walls feel very generic and standard issue. 

Flat Throw Pillows – This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I totally get that pillows don’t stay fluffy forever but when your throw pillow is better served as a place mat at your dining table it might be time to replace them.

Not Investing in Good Furniture – Often times we buy temporary furniture because we think its cost effective to save for something nicer later but 9 times outta 10 you won’t get that nicer furniture later because you will have a mother expense that will take its place. So invest in quality furniture now, especially statement pieces or something that is not easily replaced like a sofa or dining room table just take your time no need to feel like you need to furnish a house over night.

Not Hanging Curtains Close to Ceiling – Often times when people hang curtains they hang them directly over the window frame but for the room to appear bigger and grander you should hang the curtains closer to the ceiling to give the illusion of a larger room.

The Trendy Uncomfy Piece of Furniture – That beautiful but not so practical statement piece you bought is the equivalent to that that Chanel bag you just had to have because it was “classic” and have only worn once in 5 years. If it’s not comfy what’s the point?


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