5 Bedtime Habits You Need To Start Now!

Good bedtime habits are a must!! If you want to be more productive and feel like you have time to enjoy things then follow these 5 easy steps to make your life easier!

Prep for the Next Day – There is no time like the present so get ready for tomorrow now! Make your lunch, lay out your clothes, and shower etc. so you’re not scrambling in the morning. If you don’t do anything else this bedtime habit will be the most effective!

Remove Your Makeup – I can’t stress this enough! I know you might be too tired to take off your makeup but if you want healthy, glowing skin you have to clean your face before bedtime. When you leave your makeup on overnight it clogs your pores and leads to acne and breakouts and fyi, your face is your money maker! It’s the first thing people notice so try and take care of it. You can also take this time to use a moisturiser or some Xlash serum to help prep for the next day.

Brush + Floss – As a girl who has spent quite a bit of time in the dentist chair, I can’t stress how important it is to take care of your teeth! Healthy gums and tooth enamel matters more than you think! Trust me, it does. The Dentist Houston kept telling me the importance of this as a kid! If you’re not taking care of your teeth it can cause heart and respiratory disease in extreme cases and you can start losing your teeth sooner than you intended. So makes sure your practising good oral habits and seriously: don’t neglect to attend your next visit to Dentist Manchester!

Stretch – I know what you’re thinking. “You want me to stretch? Girl Please!” lol. I know this because I said the same thing at first! However, after applying the practice to my nightly routine I actually sleep a bit better and fall asleep faster. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive just a few stretches and then off to bed you go!

Go To Bed Early – I realize that you’re trying to catch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal but people are already not getting enough sleep. This can have a huge impact on your day to day performance both in a professional sense at work and in a personal sense when it comes to making the most of and enjoying your free time. Those who struggle to get to sleep despite making time to turn in early, should check out the cbd products at https://www.fuse-health.com/products/ as they help to quieten busy minds and anxious thoughts so that you can finally drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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