5 Beauty Resolutions for the Year

With all the beauty and style resolutions that one will make this year (including myself) I thought it might be a good idea to give you all some beauty resolutions of your own that aren’t too difficult to implement but that will be impactful to your beauty routine for the year. Hopefully having a smaller list of “to-do’s” will make these beauty resolutions easier to accomplish.

1.Wash You Makeup Brushes Weekly – Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and nothing is worse for your skin care routine than dirty make up brushes. Having a good system for cleaning your makeup tools will make a difference you complexion and makeup application.


2. Always wash your face before bed – I am so guilty of this and it’s such an easy step to skip. Days are long and you just went to go to bed, put on your sleep glasses and enjoy a good book already! But a simple face wash before bed can make all the difference in your skin. If you think about all the dirt and grime that has built up on you face throughout the day from being in the elements so be kind to your face and wash it before bed. I recommend using a face wash that is specifically tailored to your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, buy one of the best face washes for oily skin. It’ll make the world of difference! If you want to simplify things further use a face wipe.


3. Drink More Water – This is one “to-do” I excel at because I love water! The benefits of water are tremendous for your health and skin as water plays a vital role in helping our bodies function. If you don’t think water is fun enough to drink regularly try infusing it!


4. Take Your Vitamins – Daily vitamins are essential to your inward and outward health. When you will feel and look better because of it! So say hello to strong nails, healthy hair, and glowing skin! Make sure to try out a variety of different kinds of vitamins and supplements to make sure what you’re using is working the best it can. A friend of mine’s super keen on the stuff from https://www.herbalnutritionhealth.com/ after trying a few different types, and it’s important to know what’s good for your system.

Woman Holding Vitamins

5. Moisturize – I am so guilty of this! When you’re in a rush (which is like every day for me it seems like) the last thing you think about it slathering on some moisturizer but it is so necessary. Especially in the winter months when the air and the cold weather makes your skin dry. I must try and moisturize as often as I can so my skin can feel the benefits that it can bring. My friend has told me about this Do Me Dirty Coffee Scrub that she has recently started using on her skin and apparently it has worked wonders for her and she really enjoys being able to use this type of moisturizer when she can. This is definitely something that I will be giving a try. Just think of it as conditioner because you wouldn’t shampoo without conditioning after right?



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