5 Amazing Places to Visit For Solo Travelers

Traveling solo can be a wonderful opportunity to see the world according to your own schedule. You can look here and see the various ways that traveling can be enjoyed, and what adventures you can take yourself on to really get a feel for different cultures. Although, on a side note, it can be slightly different if you are travelling on business. In which case, you might find it useful to read up on some Tips To Survive Business Travel. You don’t have to worry about squeezing in a million places that your family and friends want to see because it’s just you on this trip! Solo travel can be fun, but it can also be intimidating. Being in a strange place without anything (or anyone) familiar is a challenge for most people. To make matters worse, some places are so family-oriented that you’re bound to feel like the odd man out.

If you’re looking for amazing places to visit that don’t make you feel like a third wheel, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are five amazing places to visit for solo travelers:


Brussels is one of my favorite picks for solo travelers because this city is filled with amazing things to do. It’s filled with breathtaking 17th century buildings, has amazing food that you can eat at local parks, and has an amazing selection of museums and open markets to frequent. It’s a tad on the pricey side, which means that it is very rare that you are going to come across large families running around sightseeing, so you’ll probably blend in with the locals!

ANN’s must-see spot: Grand Place – It’s free, has tons of amazing photo opportunities, and has a ton of food choices nearby.
solo travel
Grand Place
solo travel
City Square

New York City

This is my favorite city because of the anonymity-factor. NYC is known for its theater and cultural attractions, so anyone traveling alone would have a million things to do. This city is public transportation friendly and you can walk to a ton of attractions. Just keep in mind that if you’re in Central Park, you may have to travel a smidge to get to the Statute of Liberty (by car it’s about 15 minutes, by foot…who knows?). The NYC transit system is pretty efficient and intuitive, so you should be fine.

ANN’s must-see spot: Statute of Liberty. I can’t help imagining immigrants coming to the U.S. and seeing her for the first time! How inspiring!
solo travel
Statute of Liberty
solo travel
Central Park


Amsterdam is one of the most picture-esque places on Earth! It’s known for its sweeping canals and beautiful gardens. There’s a lot to do there from visiting Anne Frank’s house, which looks pretty nice considering her circumstances and the Van Gogh museum to name a few. This city is not the expensive compared to other ones in Europe, but you might have to shell out a pretty penny for your hotel stay.

ANN’s must-see spot: Blijburg – If you’re visiting Amsterdam in the warmer part of the year, hit this beach that will allow you to perfect your tan or catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read all year.
solo travel
solo travel


Overlooking the Baltic Sea, Stockholm has tons of things for a solo traveler to do. The buildings there are stunning and the views of the sea are incredible. If you’re looking for a slow-paced trip, you can visit Old Town Stockholm and check out the many museums and shops. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture, you can always visit the Opera House, Millesgarden, or hit up Södermalm and party with the locals.

I’m not going to kid you…Stockholm is expensive, but it’s worth the trip (#onceinalifetime).

ANN’s must-see spot: Opera House. Tickets to the opera can be a bit pricey, so if nothing else…try and take the tour if you can’t afford the tickets. The place is amazing on the inside!
solo travel
Stockholm’s Port
solo travel
Opera House (exterior)
solo travel
Opera House (interior)

San Jose City, Costa Rica

Is anyone up for tropical bungee jumping? This city is ideal for the solo traveler who loves nature and being outdoors. You may reaslise this after you’ve done some reasearch into things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica for example. This way, you can start planning the activities you want to see and do out in Costa Rica. There are museums to check out like the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, but there are also tons of good restaurants and friendly locals to keep you company. This city is not that expensive and you can get to a lot of attractions simply by walking or taking a bus. And, if you get tired of the city itself for a bit you can always step out into the countryside and go see the local fauna and wildlife, such as the numerous beautiful birdlife in the country. There are even specialised tours for this – check out Costa Rica Focus to find out more from one of these resources.

ANN’s must-see spot: Orosi River Valley. This place is beautiful! There are a lot of opportunities to snap pictures of the river, the beautiful landscape, and the ruins of Ujarras.
solo travel
City Hall
solo travel
Ruins of Ujarras

Traveling solo has never been so easy…or so fun! Happy travels!

Images: Inside Nana Bread’s Head, Places We Know, Minube, Costa Rica Tourism, The Guardian, Smashing Pictures, and Brussels Tourism.

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