3 Ways You’re Definitely Wasting Money Every Day

Practically everyone I know has wasted money at some point or another, so fyi you’re not alone. I have wasted money on food, clothes, makeup and more but the key is to recognize it and stop! Easier said than done right? Perhaps if one see’s the ways in which they are wasting money in the flesh you will feel differently and change your ways.

Eating Out at Lunch –  Confession: I was easily spending $20-$25 a day on food while at work. That’s Between breakfast, snacks, and lunch I was running up quite the tab. Easily over $100 a week. When I took a look at my statements and saw that they mainly consisted of food spots I was immediately ashamed. I couldn’t believe how wasteful I had been with my money. From day to day it didn’t seem that bad but when I was able to track my spending over the past few months, it was shameful. But I got that in order.

Suggestion – Now I bring my breakfast/lunch every day and I pack for the hubs too. I not only spend less but I eat so much better. Knowing what I’m eating daily for breakfast, lunch and snacks helps me not overeat and I actually look forward to my meals. 

Meal Planning – It’s crazy how many people don’t meal plan. I know I’m not alone when I say that I have thrown out many a food item because it went bad and I didn’t use it in time. Or, that I thought I was going to make this sumptuous dish and it never happened. If you meal plan you not only save money but you don’t waste food. 

Suggestion – Just do it. It might seem like a pain but nothing is better than coming home and knowing what’s for dinner and (for an added bonus) it already being prepared.

Gym Membership – So many people are guilty of having a gym membership and never going to the gym. They mean well but ultimately are wasting money.  I have two co-workers who have had memberships for the past 3 months and have yet to step their pinky toes in there to work out.

Suggestion – Use the free gym available to you. If you have a gym in your community or at your job there’s sense in wasting money if you’re not ready to commit.

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