3 Must Have Pregnancy Apps

While I love to read and have been trying to get more use out of my Kindle, I didn’t want to pile up on a bunch of books when I found out I was pregnant. Instead, being the tech savvy girl that I am, I hopped on my phone, #teamdroid, and looked through Google Play to see what pregnancy app options were available. After a few downloads and reading reviews I have settled on my 3 faves. I love the flexibility and instant information/answers that using apps offer. So if you are a new mom or a mom who is trying to do things differently her 2nd time around check out my top 3 picks below!

BabyBump (Free) – This app is awesome because it records everything from baby’s kicks, to your weight and contractions and has forums and photo albums galore. I love the interactive videos and journey that this app offers because no matter what stage you are in you are getting awesome tips and tricks and really learning about what to expect in addition to connecting with other parents to be who are at similar stages as you.


My Pregnancy Today (Free) – I love this because it offers more literature after I have checked out my other apps I can go to this one to see what other information might be available about this stage of my pregnancy. And let’s face it, no one is going to stick to just one app or website which is why I love my trio. This app has a neat calendar function that allows you to track your baby’s movements and comes with nifty nutrition guides and a growth widget to help you visualize where your baby is in development. Definitely a must have!


I’m Expecting (Free) – This is app is awesome because of its sleek design and ease of use. You can enter your weight weekly to keep track and make sure you’re not gaining too much weigh in addition to taking bump photos and tracking your symptoms. You can connect to online forums and it’s great for moms-to-be.


Images: Amazon, BabyBump, BabyCenter

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