3 Machines You Should Be Using at the Gym

Machines at the gym can be intimidating. This may be why you see more women on treadmills and elliptical machines than strength training machines. Saying that there’s always a time where you have a machine in mind that you want to use, but when you get there, you realize it’s broken. Considering it could be as easy as buying custom gym parts, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why machines are broken. If the gym always has a particular machine that’s broken, you should let them know, or perhaps encourage them to get more of that machine to avoid disappointment. You are paying for the membership after all. But let’s not think about that, as there are a lot of different machines in the gym and you could get one of the best elliptical under 500 for home use if the one at the gym is always out of use. But the three machines mentioned below have been found to be the most helpful for women because they serve multiple purposes and won’t make you look crazy in the process, you may also want to look into what is a recumbent bike, and have a look into the benefits compared to that of an upright exercise bike.

Machine 1 – Smith Machine

Basic Move: Squats

Targets: Chest, biceps, and legs

The Benefits: The alignment of the machine-the bar is attached to a vertical sliding track which can allow for guided natural, arched movements if exercise is performed properly. Having the Smith Machine control your movements, keeps you balanced, and an excellent way to make sure you maintain your form. Just be careful because if the machine is not used properly, it can put stress on the knees, shoulders, and lower back.

Machine 2 – Cable Tower

Basic move: Biceps Curl ?

Targets: Biceps

The Benefits: If there’s one machine you should use at the gym…this is it! That’s because the cable tower — which features several weight stacks, adjustable cables, and a whole bunch of attachments — offers dozens of exercises to target all of your major muscle groups. This machine is so versatile that you can go from bicep curls to working your abs in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for a total body workout, definitely try this machine on your next visit to the gym. If you’re just targetting the biceps, however, and you want to push yourself that little bit further, then you may want to try this alongside the Heavy Duty Arm Blaster to really feel the difference.

Machine 3 – Assisted Pull-up

Basic Move: Pull Ups

Targets: Arms, Lower Abs, and Shoulder Blades

The Benefits: The weight stack counters your body weight, so you can adjust the number of pounds you load, as you get stronger. The machine, like the cable tower, is extremely versatile and helps you build upper body strength. Since you are assisted with this exercise, you have little risk of overexerting yourself.

As always, be sure to follow the instructions and only add weights as it feels comfortable to you.

Try these three exercise machines and be sure to tell me if you feel like you’re getting more out of your time at the gym!

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