3 Easy Breakfast Ideas for the Girl on the Go

Breakfast has always been considered the most important meal of the day. Yet most people skip it on a regular basis. When you’re trying to get out the door breakfast is the last thing on your mind. But what we need to get in the habit of is recognizing that breakfast doesn’t always have to be extensive. Sometimes basic is best! That being said check out these 3 easy breakfast ideas for the girl on the go!

The “Keep it simple” 

Green Smoothie

During the work week I no one has time to fuss with a full on brunch like meal. So keeping it simple just works and nothing is more simple than a green smoothie. They are yummy and easy and you can prep them the night before then just blend and go!

The “Something is better than nothing”

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

When life happens better to grab something on the go than to have nothing at all. After all we know the age old saying that “the most important meal of the day is breakfast “and so we are clear a cup of jo doesn’t count!

The I put in a little effort but not too much

Overnight Oats

Enter overnight oats. Ever since I discovered this glorious little combination it has saved me and the hubs many a busy morning! Especially when a kid comes into play. You can make the night before and it keeps for 2-3 days in the fridge! Make sure you check out my fave!

We want to know what you kids are having for breakfast! Let us know in the comments below!

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